Visit Tallahassee to experience Florida's nature scene and rich history


TALLAHASSE, Fla. (WTHR) — Tourists and locals admire Tallahassee for it's historic sites, nature, and event scene. Florida's capital is rich with attractions and state parks, specifically St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge and Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. To beat the heat, visitors can hop into one of Tallahassee's many museums and learn about the history of the state's capital.

Population: There are 191,049 (2017) residents living in the state's capital.

Avg. Temp by season: Winter - 65; Spring - 74; Summer - 91; Fall - 81

Travel tips:

  • The wet season in Tallahassee is June through August, averaging roughly seven inches of rain each of those months.

Fun facts:

  • Tallahassee stems from a Muskogean Indian word which translates to "old fields."
  • The strongest magnetic field ever was recorded in Tallahassee at 17.6 tesla.
  • The first Christmas in the U.S. was believed to be celebrated in Tallahassee at teh site of the DeSoto encampment.

Capital building


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