'Virtual' cycling is ideal addition to Kanaan's workout routine

(WTHR photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - With coronavirus-related restrictions in place, streets are virtually empty in many places lately. It has some trying to figure out how they’re going to get their daily exercise.

At least one IndyCar driver has an idea that’s working for him.

“It’s a simulator for exercising,” said Tony Kanaan. I do this every day, especially since I moved to Indiana. In the winters, I can’t be outside on my bike.”

Kanaan showed us that he had “virtual” company for the workout.

“We’ve had 410 people sign up for this ride,” he said, pointing to their on-screen registrations. “From all across the world.”

Kanaan says he currently works out 37 hours a week, between the gym, the simulator and running.

“I do a lot more than I need to, but I love it,” Kanaan said. “I think it’s a way of living.”

While we visited, Kanaan said his ride would be about 30 miles, a duration of about 2 hours. He said the simulator is ideal for his competitive nature.

“You’re being competitive and you’re being better,” Kanaan said. "It’s one more thing (he and his fellow drivers) get to talk about when we see each other, how much we beat each other up.”

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