Video shows staff trying to stop brawl involving as many as 15 students


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - A recent brawl at North Central High School was captured on video.

Disturbing images of the incident now appear on social media. It shows North Central staff jumping into the middle as fists fly.

It started before classes Tuesday, during breakfast time in the school cafeteria. North Central junior Azara Armstrong watched as more students got involved.

“It started out as just a few people but then it was like 15 people and there were police involved, Mr. Logan and teachers. Mr. Logan got kicked in the face,” she said.

That kick in the face happened as two of the school staff members tried to keep students away from each other.

In one part of the video, a staff member rescued a student on the floor who was under attack.

Students not involved in the incident told us fighting is not worth risking getting an education.

“It's really not,” said sophomore Kylee Ford. “You should stay in school and avoid drama as much as you can, that's what you go to school for.”

“I keep my circle small and just have my close friends. Everybody else I will say hi to them or something but just stay away from the drama in general," said Tyler Douglas, a sophomore.

A statement from Washington Township schools read:

These actions do not reflect attributes displayed daily by a majority of North Central students. Disciplinary consequences were assigned to all students involved. We appreciate the work of our administrators and school resource officers and their swift response.

No one in the fight was seriously injured.