VIDEO: Dallas driver attacks another car with machete


DALLAS (WTHR) - A Dallas driver attacked another car with a machete in an apparent road rage incident, and it was all caught on camera by a third driver.

The video, shared with NBC station KXAS, shows a man driving an HHR trying to merge over ahead of a Subaru because of a wreck further up the highway. When the video starts, they're already rubbing fenders. The HHR driver then tries to hurry in front of the Subaru but the Subaru's driver just pushes further, not letting him in.

They collide again, and that's when the HHR driver gets out and starts swinging an object at the Subaru, smashing its rear windshield.

The HHR driver got back in his vehicle and tried to move ahead again, only for the Suburu driver to still not yield, hitting his quarterpanel and sending the HHR into a slow 180-degree spin.

The Subaru driver filed a police report, which officers classified as vandalism and damage to property, according to KXAS. Police are still investigating the case.

It's video you have to see to believe - even the Subaru driver didn't realize the other man was using a machete until he saw the video; he thought it was just a bat - so click here if you don't see the video below.

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