Veterans get access to more doctors and urgent care starting Thursday

Military boots and American flag. (Courtesy: Shutterstock / Bryon Palmer)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR / WBIR) — Eligible veterans will now have more access to health care facilities outside of the Department of Veteran Affairs.

That care will be paid for by the VA under specific circumstances.

This is all part of the Maintaining Internal Systems and Strengthening Integrated Outside Networks Act that President Trump signed last year.

According to the Federal Register, a veteran can go to non-VA primary care, mental health care, or non-institutional extended care if the veteran's average driving time to a care provider is 30 minutes or more or if they have to wait at least 20 days to see a VA provider.

The VA will pay for visits to a non-VA specialty care facility if the veteran has to drive more than 60 minutes to a VA facility of wait 28 days or longer for care.

Eligible veterans will also be able to go to urgent care centers that are contracted with the VA, without having to get prior authorization.

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