VERIFY: Can coronavirus live on your phone for 96 hours?

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WASHINGTON (TEGNA) — There are a lot of claims out there about coronavirus, but our VERIFY team is focused on facts.

We've talked about how long coronavirus can live on surfaces and how it's unlikely you can get the COVID-19 virus from things like packages.

But what about our phones? We handle them dozens of times a day.

Now there are social media posts and headlines claiming the virus can live on your phone up to 96 hours - or four days.

But is it true?

Our main source for this piece is the World Health Organization, specifically a report on SARS from 2003. The WHO currently believes that COVID-19 can live from a few hour up to several days. It depends on the type of surface, temperature and humidity.

They've been comparing COVID-19 to other coronaviruses from the past — like SARS — and that’s where the report comes in. In 2003, scientists found that SARS could survive on glass for up to 96 hours.

Most modern phones are made of glass, so yes, since COVID-19 and SARS are both types of coronavirus, we can verify it's definitely possible that a type of coronavirus can live on a phone for four days.

It is important to note that this is still an estimate based off a former virus.

Also, remember the chances of getting the coronavirus or even being near it are still incredibly low.

But it is a good reminder to clean your phone.

It’s something you touch and put to your face regularly and you don't want to be carrying around germs in your pocket or purse.