Vanna White hosts 'Wheel of Fortune' for the first time in show history


As you may have heard, "Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak is recovering from emergency surgery. His longtime co-host Vanna White is filling in for him.

And Minnie Mouse is taking over the puzzleboard, to light it up for contestants.

Monday night, Wheel of Fortune announced that the "Secret Santa Holiday Giveaway" has also officially begun. Vanna White promised viewers that Pat Sajak will be back soon.

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The show tweeted last month that Sajak underwent surgery for a blocked intestine, causing the day's taping schedule to be canceled before White filled in. Sajak, who turned 73 last month, is said to be resting comfortably.

He tweeted over the weekend that White would host on shows over the next two weeks, then the following two weeks would have Sajak back as host before another week of shows with White and "a special guest at the puzzle board." Those episodes will air the week of January 6.

"Then the planets will realign, and it's back to normal," Sajak tweeted.

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