Vandals target 'Young Urban Gardener's' produce


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - It's the kind of vandalism that leaves you shaking your head.

Someone recently wrecked a well-tended urban garden near downtown. They tore out kale and cabbages, smashed tomatoes and kicked up dirt, among other things.

The garden is an award-winning and inspiring project of a young boy who is trying to feed the community. Eyewitness News has been following Austin Hurt's story for more than a year. He calls himself the Young Urban Gardener in social media posts.

He decided to plant a garden to help feed his family when they had nothing to eat at their east side home.

Austin Hurt with Eyewitness News reporter Emily Longnecker

He then convinced his neighbors to help him create a community garden down the street across from IPS School 15.

"It means a whole lot to me so that way, nobody goes hungry in the community and they get to grow what they want," Austin said last year. "They learn how to grow so and then I get to grow what I want and if people don't know how to grow what they want to grow, then I can grow it and they can just pick what they want."

You can follow Austin's work on YouTube.

There's no word on who is responsible for the damage, or an estimate of the loss incurred.

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