Vacation safety: How to protect your home when you're away


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — When you go on vacation, you leave your home behind, but you should always take steps to make sure your family's space remains safe.

Here are some tips to make sure your home is safe and sound while you are away:

  • Hold off on showing off those awesome vacation photos - If you let everyone know you're on vacation with regular updates while you're gone, that includes the bad guys. Posting updates to Facebook and Instagram will let people know your home is empty. Try to wait until you're back to before posting pictures of the trip.
  • Invest in home monitoring devices - Security cameras, a video doorbell, and "smart" home gadgets like lights, a thermostat and a door lock allow you to continue controlling your home from afar.
  • Suspend mail delivery - Nothing tells a thief there's no one home like an overstuffed mailbox.

The biggest thing to remember is to try to make it appear as if there are people present in the home, even when there aren't.