Utility crew finds 4-foot snake tangled inside transformer


MEADE COUNTY, Ky. (WTHR) – When the power goes out, it's usually because of the weather.

Skies were clear when the power went out Thursday morning so crews with the Meade County Rural Electric Cooperative went to investigate the cause of the outage.

When crews arrived at the scene, they found a 4-foot snake tangled in a transformer about 40 feet up a pole.

The tail end of the snake was spotted sticking out of the hole that the snake had crawled through.

Meade County Rural Electric Cooperative was unsure of the type of snake but it appeared to be nonvenomous.

Crews found a nest on the pole as well, so they think the snake was looking for a meal.

It's not uncommon for an animal to disrupt power but they're usually more likely to find squirrels or birds.

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