U.S. Attorney's Office says audio recordings did not lead to charges in Fogle case

Jared Fogle

More lurid details from audio recordings, allegedly capturing Jared Fogle asking a Florida woman to help him seduce children.

13 Investigates has more on why the woman now says the ordeal has harmed her and her children.

For the second straight day, "Dr. Phil" aired the audio, allegedly featuring the voice of former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle, talking to Rochelle Herman-Walrond about luring children for sex.

"You know you could totally win them over, which I love," the man tells Herman-Walrond. "Just talk to them...just get to know them...just everything...do a little touchy feely thing with them."

"Jared Fogle is a monster," said Herman-Walrond, who claims she taped the call in 2007, just a year after meeting Fogle in Sarasota, Florida.

The Dr. Phil show characterized Herman-Walrond as "enduring almost five years of stomach-turning phone calls with Fogel (until) he finally said something that pushed her too far."

"Would you let me...Would you let me see your kids naked?," the man's voice asks. "I would love to see them naked...so which of your kids do you think I would like better seeing naked, your son or your daughter?"

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Herman-Walrond says she was both frightened and angered. She says Fogel also wanted to install video cameras to watch her children. At one point, she says she feared he would harm her or her children.

"The reason why I didn't say 'shut up' to him and stop him from talking to me...I was in shock," she told Dr. Phil.

Dr. Phil praised Herman-Walrond for helping to get a pedophile off the street.

The U.S. Attorney's Office handling the Fogle case says Herman-Walrond's information was reviewed, but was not part of the initial case. Still, she claims the FBI had her audio and text messages two-and-a-half years prior to Fogel being charged.

Herman-Walrond also believes Fogel had an encounter with a six-year-old girl during that time, but did not have the child's name or location.

"That's haunted me for years," admitted the divorced mother of two.

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She now says the ordeal has also harmed her relationship with her own children.

"They were without their mother for some time. I would see them, I would have them with me," explained Herman-Walrond. "I became a broken person, to reform that relationship with my children is difficult to this very day."

Federal prosecutors have asked for a sentence between five and 12 years for Fogle for having sex with minors and possession of child pornography. But a Federal court judge will decide on November 19 whether to accept that range of punishment or give Fogle a tougher sentence.

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