Upset family in Morgan County wants damaged cemetery plaque replaced

Damaged Navy Cemetery Plaque Replaced
Veteran Headstone Damaged in Morgan County

MORGAN COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) — A daughter in Morgan County is trying to get her father's cemetery plaque replaced after it was damaged nearly two years ago.

Mikki Sutton's father died in 2007 and served in the US Navy. An armed services plaque was placed in front of his headstone at the Centerton Cemetery.

Sutton says the plaque was damaged when a groundskeeper mowed over it. She has since been trying to have it replaced.

"The Navy brought out his plaque and they mowed over it and they tore it up," said Sutton. "I just want it fixed and I want it replaced and the respect brought back to my family."

Sutton explained she was told her family would have to come up with the money to change out the plaque. The property treasurer said he is willing to pay to have the plaque replaced if Sutton's family can find a company to have it remade.

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