UPS driver charged with DUI after blowing .316 while making deliveries

Matthew Caskey

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WTHR) - A UPS driver in Louisville is facing DUI charges after he was allegedly caught delivering while intoxicated.

According to WAVE-TV, a staff member at an elementary school alerted police to Matthew Caskey's possible intoxication when he made a delivery to the school. Officers missed him at the school, but a speeding, swerving UPS struck was spotted minutes later.

When the officers stopped the truck, Caskey initially denied making a delivery to the school, but a passenger in the truck confirmed the delivery was made.

Police say Caskey, 34, failed a field sobriety test and blew a .316 on a breathalyzer.

The delivery driver allegedly admitted to drinking a half pint of whiskey. Police found a small bottle of whiskey in Caskey's pocket, as well as more small bottles that were empty, an empty half-pint of whiskey and a mostly full pint in the man's lunchbox, WAVE reported.

Caskey told officers he was an alcoholic and that he's going through a divorce and was worried about losing his job. A supervisor at UPS had another driver finish his route.

UPS said in a statement Caskey has been "removed from service pending resolution of the investigation."

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