UPDATE: Porch camera image of uniformed man was a police officer

Police want to identify uniformed man on camera
Man on camera wasn't a police impersonator

UPDATE: INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - It turns out a uniformed man caught on a front porch surveillance camera recently was, in fact, a real policeman.

A family on North Exeter Street became concerned after their home security camera recorded the officer outside their home in the early morning hours of last Thursday.

IMPD now confirms the man was a Metro officer dispatched along with several others to investigate shots fired in the area.

The officer, a relatively new recruit who just hit the street, wasn't immediately recognized by officers who responded to the concerned family's home to investigate their video.

The family had installed the security cameras after incidents on their street like car break-ins and vandalism. Several neighbors followed suit.

Southwest District Commander Michael Spears says the family did the right thing by contacting IMPD with their concerns and encourages everyone to call 911 when they see or hear suspicious people or activity in their neighborhoods.

Earlier story:

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - An Indianapolis family wants to learn the identity of a man in uniform caught on camera at their door.

They've had challenges on their street, trying to keep away would-be criminals. It's a challenge made more difficult in the neighborhood where Cari Ortiz and her family lives on North Exeter St. by vacant and boarded up houses.

Neighbors, therefore, are always on the lookout. Technology allows them to be on the lookout even when they are not at home.

“I feel safe," said Cari. “We keep all the doors and the windows locked."

Cari and her family do everything they can to stay safe, so when they got an image from their home security cameras they started asking questions. They want to know if the man who appears to be wearing a uniform is a police officer.

The image came from a Thursday surveillance camera recording sometime after 1:00 am. They got alerts right away.

“They send alerts to his phone so if it were in the middle of the night and I am here alone, he could know what was going on to call me," said Cari.

After contacting IMPD, the responding officer informed them that there may have been a police run near their home, a shots fired investigation on North Exeter.

Cari's isn't the only house on the block using the eye of the camera to see what's happening outside their home. Another house on North Exeter has a sign near the front door that reads "Smile, you're on camera."

One of Cari's neighbors has a camera recording his front porch, too.

A metro police supervisor is working to try to identify the uniformed man caught on camera. Doing so would help ease Cari's concerns.

“At least if someone were to break in or break into the car, at least we would have it on footage to at least report it to catch whoever," she said.

In the meantime, Cari and her neighbors will keep the cameras rolling and will have a record of everyone at their door.

Cari encourages every family to invest in security cameras so you'll at least know who is in your neighborhood.

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