UPDATE: Police ID driver, passenger in fatal Indianapolis pursuit


A short chase Tuesday evening through the northeast side of Indianapolis led to an officer-involved shooting.

An IMPD officer shot and killed a passenger — later identified as 34-year old Joshua Dyer of Huntington, Ind. — in a car being pursued by police. Investigators say the officer fired his gun in fear for his life.

An autopsy will be performed Wednesday.

The driver has been identified as 41-year old Matthew Cole of Indianapolis. He was arrested for resisting law enforcement.

Metro Police called it tense and heated.

"There was intimate fear that they were going to be harmed," explained IMPD Ofc. Kendale Adams. "The individual was not compliant. Really raised the fear of everyone involved."

A deadly encounter in an alley near 38th Street, Tacoma and Keystone Avenue, ended with a passenger killed by an officer's bullet. Witnesses in the area heard the shot and captured it, along with the aftermath, on their cell phones.

"That was the police just flying through," the witness explained, playing the video. "The car busted a U-turn over the median and the police was right behind them."

The situation started when investigators say an officer approached a car at Washington Park because it was in an area where cars aren't allowed.

"He walked up to the car to begin a conversation with the individual. The driver was very uncooperative," Adams said.

At that point, investigators say the car sped off and a chase began. The pursuit happened right around 6:30 p.m., through heavy traffic. Along the way, two additional Metro police officers joined the chase. When the car turned down an alley between Keystone and Tacoma, it went into someone's backyard.

"The driver ran into two fences and almost to the back of a house," Adams said.

Investigators say all three officers drew their weapons and ordered the driver and passenger out of the vehicle. They say the driver got out, but then jumped back in and revved backwards toward police.

That's when the officer fired a shot, killing the passenger.

"It's safe to say that the officer feared for his life as that vehicle was approaching him," Adams said. "He was on that side nearest to that vehicle and really had as we can see from the scene had no way out."

Investigators say the driver was taken into custody without incident following the shooting.