UPDATE: Family identifies 15-year-old shot, killed by IMPD officers


One person was shot and killed by IMPD officers on the northeast side Sunday night.

The person's family says the teen killed is 15-year-old Andre Green.

Shots were fired around 11:15 p.m. at 34th & Butler. Three officers were involved.

The officers were following a car from a carjacking earlier in the night when the suspect turned down Butler Avenue then turned around, started heading toward police and actually rammed a police cruiser in the driver's side, according to an IMPD spokesperson.

Officers say that's when several passengers took off running and police ordered the driver out of the car. He drove toward them, so they fired fearing for the lives.

"We can say with confidence that officers were faced with aggression and they met that aggression head-on," said IMPD Ofc. Chris Wilburn.

He said the entire situation was and still is quite traumatic for the officers.

"They are in shock physiologically," Wilburn said. "They are coming off of this physiological high in that their bodies have had a huge adrenaline dump. But they acted in a professional manner. No other lives were lost as a result of this and no officers were injured."

Police records show Andre Green has a history of running away from home and car thefts.   

Paramedics pronounced him dead at the scene where investigators found him with a firearm in his hand.

An autopsy and ballistics will help determine which officers gunfire actually struck the 15-year-old.

Those officers are on administrative leave, as is standard protocol for police action shootings.

Andre Green's family wants nothing more than for his friends who were in the car with him to come forward.

"It was so many stories," said Malonda Lamb, Andre's aunt. "None of them were the same as the detectives' or the police. There was someone else in the car with him. We don't know who was in the car with him, but we're asking you, could you please forward? You saw something. You saw them shoot him. You saw them chase him. You saw something. Please, come forward. Please, that's all we ask of you."