UPDATE: Ex-boyfriend fatally shot in apartment intrusion identified


Investigators say a mother feared for her life when she shot and killed her ex-boyfriend early Wednesday morning.

Police identified the ex-boyfriend Thursday as 34-year-old Anthony Santura Smith of Indianapolis. Investigators said Smith had not lived in Indiana very long and is originally from Virginia.

Police said they were called been called to the woman's unit at the Lexington Green Apartments in the 5800 block of West 25th Street in Speedway before for domestic issues between her and her ex-boyfriend. The 911 call she made this time, though, was different.

She told dispatchers her ex-boyfriend, Smith, had kicked in her door. With her two young daughters - both under the age of 10 - asleep in the next room, she felt she had to shoot him.

"All of a sudden, I heard a crash," said the woman's downstairs neighbor David Gibson.

Gibson and his girlfriend Inez Johnson had no idea what that crash upstairs from their apartment meant early Wednesday morning.

"I heard arguing then I heard a bang," said Gibson.

"She was obviously in fear for her life, especially knowing that we'd had previous domestic runs at this apartment before," said Speedway police Lt. Trent Theobald.

"That person that kicks in your door, you have no idea what's going through their mind," said Gibson.

"Since he was intruding and kicking her door in, that would rattle my cage, too," added Inez Johnson.

By Wednesday afternoon, workers were already fixing the broken door to the woman's apartment. According to police, the woman and her children are staying with family for a while.

Investigators say the woman did not have a protective order against her ex-boyfriend. Still, investigators say they're pretty confident this is a case of self defense.

Police say it's an unfortunate reminder of the growing issue of domestic violence.

"There are a lot of great resources for anyone that's a victim of domestic violence," said Lt. Theobald. "One thing we ask is that people seek that help. There are plenty of folks like the Domestic Violence Network out of Marion County does a great job working with victims, so does the prosecutor's office."

Detectives say they don't believe Smith is the father of the woman's two daughters. Neither girl was hurt in the incident.