UNO Nonpartisan encourages quality time with family without political talk

Mattel has introduced UNO Nonpartisan to help families enjoy the holidays without the political talk. (Photo: Mattel)

(WTHR) — We all know what topics to avoid to make for enjoyable conversation: religion, finances and politics.

This holiday season, gamemaker Mattel is making it simple for families to come together while leaving the politics at the door. UNO Nonpartisan encourages quality family time by leaving out the red and blue cards.

"Without Red or Blue cards the focus can stay on the game," the game description says.

The deck comes with cards in four colors: green, orange, purple and yellow. There are also eight wild cards, three customizable cards and one special rule card. The special rule card is a new "veto" card that can be played any time someone tries to start up a political conversation. The player who started the conversation will have their next turn skipped.

The game is available at Walmart stores nationwide.