Union representing NFL players will join Right to Work demonstration


The NFL players association is running onto the political field, joining the team opposed to Indiana Right to Work legislation.

With 18 days until the Super Bowl, the Players Union says it will join peaceful protests in Indianapolis, but it's unclear if that means picket lines outside Lucas Oil Stadium on game day.

"Right now they've got Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman," says Web analyst Brian Howey with Howey Politics Indiana. "Two Indiana quarterbacks that have come to their cause. I'm saying if they really want to make an impact they'd get Manning. If that happened it would be very interesting to see if it could change over a couple votes."

He doubts players would actually picket the Super Bowl, especially since there is so much Super Bowl cash at stake for players and the Union.

"It would just be mind boggling," Howey says, "to think the players would choose to observe this line in the sand of Indiana House Democrats and if they do again, that's just an absolutely huge story. I just don't think that's going to happen."

It all comes as the city of Indianapolis is ready for it's national close-up, hosting its first Super Bowl. But the host committee not thinking about any of that now.

"Our team of volunteers, which is about to become 8,000 deep, have all worked collectively for the last four years on this monumental event for this community," says Dianna Boyce with the committee. We really are keeping our heads down, our focus on the goal line at this point. And are excited because of seeing the vision of it become a reality."