UIndy's Dr. Laura Wilson helps decipher Monday's Senate debate


WESTVILLE, Ind. (WTHR) — Indiana got the first look at the three candidates for U.S Senate on the same stage Monday night.

Joe Donnelly, Mike Braun and Lucy Brenton went to toe-to-toe in the hour-long debate in Westville.

Eyewitness News reporter Kevin Rader sat down with University of Indianapolis' Dr. Laura Wilson to decipher it all.

The analogy is you stay left or right in the Primary and run like heck to the middle in the General.

"There were some hiccups," said Wilson. "The woman with the son who died because of gun violence, you saw Brenton come out with an emotional appeal. Donnelly followed that up. You did not get that from Braun. That would have been a great time to show how heartbroken you were as a candidate and two out of three did convey that but he did not have that emotional reaction."

"A couple times, Donnelly misspoke and got tripped up by words which is not typical for him and with Brenton, I thought she did as best she could for a third party candidate," Wilson continued. "The challenge is always going to be people don't vote third party because they don't think the candidates are going to win."

All three were chastised early for not answering the questions.

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