Surveillance video released of 2 suspects who killed 2 employees in east side restaurant shooting

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Restaurant workers killed - 5pm
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2 employees killed in east side restaurant shooting (6AM)
Two employees killed at east side restaurant

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Two restaurant employees were shot and killed during a robbery Wednesday night, and the suspects were caught on camera.

Indianapolis Metro Police detectives are hoping the public will get a good look at the suspects.

The deadly robbery happened right before the 11:00 pm closing time at the 21st and Post Road Jordan's Fish and Chicken.

IMPD released the video of two men armed with handguns walking into the restaurant at approximately 10:55pm. Investigators want people who see the video to pay attention to their clothing. One suspect is wearing a red jacket and the other a dark-colored jacket. The video shows them jumping the counter to get to the back of the business. That’s where police indicated the fatal shootings took place. Paramedics pronounced the victims - two store employees - dead at the scene.

Jordan’s customer Lillie McCullough is heartbroken about the murders. Her children are all grown, so instead of cooking, she often buys dinner at the restaurant.

“It had to be somebody crazy or on drugs or something because you didn't have to kill them," said McCullough, “You could have robbed them but to kill them? You didn't have to do that."

IMPD identified the two murdered employees as 34-year-old Wesam Sammour and 36-year-old Ammar Shatnawi. Police believe the two were roommates who relocated to Indianapolis from Jordan. A relative came to the restaurant and discovered the bodies after trying several calls that no one answered.

The surveillance video shows the two robbers jumping back over the counter during their getaway. You can also see the two carrying handguns.

By midday Wednesday, customers had created a memorial outside the restaurant made up of candles and flowers.

The murders are extremely scary for Rose Kiki, who runs the salon Beauty Secrets right next door to Jordan's. Now, they keep the door locked at all times.

Kiki not only considers Jordan's a good business neighbor, but she and her employees are regular customers.

“Yesterday night we eat our dinner, yes, even yesterday night we bought food from them. We eat there all the time”, said Rose Kiki.

Since they sometimes work late hours, she hopes someone can help police identify the killers sooner than later.

There is a sign on the door at Jordan’s reading they are closed due to a "family issue."

You can earn up to $1,000 and in this case $2,000 if your anonymous tips leads to an arrest at 317-262-TIPS.

Investigators spent most of the night at the east side restaurant.

Co-workers told WTHR the men were cousins. They also said the cash drawer was missing and there was change on the floor. They weren't sure if the shooter took the drawer, or just took cash and police took the drawer as evidence.

Police did not release any further details of the shooting. Investigators are checking to see if there are any similarities between this incident and other recent robberies in the area.

"Our fear is if we don't get these individuals into custody that further violence may occur."

Sign posted on the door of Jordan's restaurant following the shootings.