Two charity leaders resign following 13 Investigates report on Grant County Rescue Mission

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The executive director and board president of the Grant County Rescue Mission have both resigned their positions, facing growing pressure and mounting questions in the aftermath of a 13 Investigates report.

The resignations were announced Tuesday morning in a statement released by the charity’s board of directors. The statement was delivered to Marion's Chronicle-Tribune by GCRM board member Dale Dorothy, who declined further comment to WTHR.

"The board of directors is in the process of looking for new leadership. Board chairman, Tom Mansbarger, and Executive Director, Tom Ballard both have tendered their resignations. Our ultimate goal is to restore your trust in the Grant County Rescue Mission," the statement said.

Ballard and Mansbarger have faced community pressure to resign after 13 Investigates' report showed the homeless mission was infested with mice and bedbugs that raised serious safety concerns. The mission had also dumped and burned massive amounts of donations that had been neglected for years. WTHR undercover video showed food donated to the charity was instead being delivered to the home and church where Mansbarger serves as head pastor. Ballard admitted to taking donated food to his home to feed to his pets.

"[O]ur only defense is that we received more than we could use, could not donate it fast enough and ran out of places to move it. We will continue to share excess food with other organizations. All staff, members of the board of directors and volunteers will not be permitted to transport donated food in private vehicles. Food transferred to other organizations or mission stores will be transported in mission vehicles," the board said in its statement.

Asked about the future of the charity and its leadership, Dorothy said he has few answers.

"We’re going to just release this statement and maybe later we’ll say more," Dorothy told 13 Investigates. "The board is just working together as a group now. It’s too early for us to say what’s happening next. I’m making no further comments."

You can see the full statement here. WTHR will have more on the resignations later today on Eyewitness News and on Refresh this story for updates.