Two charged in connection with fatal Chesterfield shootout

Agapito Diaz (left) and Joshua Steele (Photo: Madison County Jail)
Two charged after shooting death of Chesterfield woman
One dead in Chesterfield shooting
2 wounded in Chesterfield shootings
Woman killed in Chestefield shooting

CHESTERFIELD, Ind. (WTHR) - Police call it a gun battle that caught two people in the crossfire.

A shootout in Chesterfield ended up killing a Muncie woman and injuring a neighbor, whose house was struck by bullets.

On Thursday, police said Joshua Steele, 24, Anderson, was the suspect who went to the Chesterfield address. He is being held on charges of possession of a firearm by a serious violent felon, carrying a handgun without a license, dealing in a schedule 2 controlled substance and possession of marijuana

Police said Agapito Diaz III, 32, was the suspect who lived at the Pass St address. He is being held on charges of violent felon in possession of a handgun.

Investigators say more charges are possible and there may be a third suspect involved.

Mike Swinford's voice trembled with fear as he called 911 Monday evening.

"One of my windows was shot out. There's gunfire! I think I got hit," he told dispatchers.

What struck Swinford's window and left a two-inch hole, narrowly missed hitting him - a hail of gunfire coming from the house across the way on Pass Street.

"I didn't know it was gunfire at first," Swinford said. "It kept getting louder and louder, each series of three or four. I was watching tv. I got up and walked over here and I pulled open the curtain you know I just pulled it open and bam! Oh this is gunshot that's what it is, it's gunshots."

One of the bullets shattered his front window and sent glass into his face.

"My head kind of tingled...I was okay...Then I had blood all over my hand," Swinford said.

Inside, you can see where the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling and went through the wall.

"When this window blew out, it just hit me, 'Bam!,' in the blink of an eye, this is gunfire, so I knew to hit the deck, right then," Swinford said.

"It was a dangerous situation there for awhile," said Chesterfield Police Chief William Ingles.

Ingles says two men fired up to ten rounds inside and outside the home across from Swinford's house. He says the man and woman who rented there both invited friends over.

But a fight led to gunfire.

Investigators say 24-year-old Joshua Steele of Anderson and another man both pulled guns.

The man was shot and injured and is now in stable condition in the hospital, after undergoing surgery Tuesday. Police say a female friend who had been visiting, 20-year-old Jalynn Harman of Muncie, was shot three times and later died from her injuries.

"It was a tight area in the residence and she just happened to get caught in the crossfire, we believe," Ingles said.

Investigators say they've been watching this home for awhile for possible drug trafficking. Ingles says they found drugs inside after the shooting.

Mike Swinford had noticed something wrong, too, and let police know a couple of months ago.

"I saw a lot of unusual traffic coming and going," Swinford explained. "All hours of the day and night."

"We've had an investigation ongoing there, but unfortunately we didn't get to it before an incident like this occurred," Ingles said.

Police haven't released the name of the man who was shot.

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