Tuchman Cleaners closing location, pushing pick-up and delivery service

Tuchman Cleaners sign. (WTHR Staff)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — It looks like Tuchman Cleaners is making a shift in its business that includes closing at least one location.

Tuchman Cleaners location at Lafayette Road and 56th Street closing on Tuesday April 2, (WTHR Staff)

Concerned customers contacted Eyewitness News on Monday about the Lafayette Road location (near 56th Street) closing for good on Tuesday.

A store worker confirmed the closure, saying any garments recently left at the location would be moved to the Zionsville location for pick-up. That store is located at 1201 W Oak Street, about a 16 minute drive from the Lafayette Road location.

Customers told Eyewitness News they were told that garments that had gone unclaimed for an extended period of time would be donated instead of moved to the other store. One customer said that time limit was 30 days without being claimed.

Flyer on Tuchman Cleaners door at Lafayette and 56th Street. (WTHR Staff)

A flyer on the Lafayette Road location indicated that any garment dropped off at the location between March 30 and April 2 would be delivered to a customer's home contradicting what employees had told customers.

Attempts to reach Tuchman Cleaners for comment on the closure or if other location closures are coming have gone unanswered.

The pick-up and delivery service is being promoted as free.

There are also 50 percent discounts being offered from April 1 to 15 and a 20 percent discount for April 16 to May 15 for cleaning service.

To sign up and schedule the service for pick-up at your home or office, call (317) 885-0890, email csr@tuchmancleaners.com or visit tuchmancleaners.com.