Trump administration wants to cut food stamps, replace with delivered food

TODAY's Jeff Rossen looked into some of the biggest food delivery services, including Blue Apron and Plated, for a segment on July 28, 2015. (TODAY Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — The Trump administration is proposing a change to food stamp benefits.

Instead of actual food stamps, the administration wants to replace a portion of that with food delivered to recipients' front doors, CNBC reported.

That would mean the U.S. government would have a say in what 17 million people are eating.

The White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney compared the model to Blue Apron — a meal-kit delivery service.

The President said that any household qualifying for more than $90 in food stamps, would receive the new boxes. That's about 81 percent of all food stamp recipients, according to CNBC.

The proposed plan would replace about half of the program's cash benefits while recipients would still receive the other half as they always have.

Delivered food would be grown domestically and include "shelf-stable" items such as pasta and canned beans.

The USDA estimates it would save $129 billion over a decade.

Although it would save in one account, the supermarket industry said it would hurt them overall. Food stamps account for 7.5 percent of the $840 billion supermarket industry.

The government does already have food delivery programs in place for senior citizens, however, less than 1 million people participate in such delivery service — a small number compared to those in the SNAP program.