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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — When you go on vacation, a lot of the stress can come from getting there and getting back.

Traveling, especially with kids, can add up to a lot of trouble.

Here are some tips and tricks from you and our Eyewitness News staff.

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Scott Swan says he and his wife make sure to put some of each others clothing and items in each others bags so if one bag is lost they still have something to wear.

Mimi Pearce says to use those hotel shower caps to put your sandy shoes in when you leave the beach.

Rich Van Wyk tells us his family has everyone pack a backpack with just what they need for the night so getting in and out of the hotel is easier.

Angela Buchman says she and her family buy the large bags of snacks and then pours it into smaller baggies so everyone has their own, no fighting among the kiddos that way.

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