Travel insurance is important when planning vacations amid coronavirus fears

Commercial aircraft cabin with rows of seats down the aisle. (Photo: GettyImages)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – President Trump is expected to hold a press conference to discuss the response to the coronavirus outbreak but selecting coronavirus Czar is not yet on the agenda.

But with all this talk about coronavirus, a local travel agent says if you're not heading to a place where there's an outbreak, then just make sure you have travel insurance.

Walking into Travel Leaders in Indianapolis, it was clear coronavirus was on the minds of many travelers.

"When it comes to the virus," an agent was heard saying in the background.

"Oh my God, every client wants to talk about coronavirus and how it would impact travel," said agency owner Alex Kutin.

"It will definately impact (travel) if you're traveling to a place where there's an outbreak. But most of the places we're selling to, there's no oubreak," said Kutin.

"Mexico, Carribean and Hawaii," is where most Indianapolis residents are heading.

Kutin said most of the time he's putting clients at ease because they're traveling to places where there is no threat.

"What we do is keep informed so we can inform our clients," said Kutin.

"We get notices so we can keep our clients informed," said Kutin.

Kutin said Travel Leaders has an intranet site which keeps all the travel agents up-to-date with the latest notices from the CDC, WHO and U.S. Government.

Kutin said he does have some clients heading to Italy. And even though the CDC is reporting a community spread of Coronavirus in the European country and is recommending no essential travel be postponed, Kutin said he is encouraging his clients to go.

"We have a group heading there this summer. At this particular time we feel they will be safe because they're going to different parts," said Kutin.

For travelers thinking of family fun in Disney, Kutin said as an agency he would help his clients transfer their park tickets to a different date. And if they have travel insurance which covers any and all types of cancellations, then "it's just a matter of backing out."

The CDC said there is currently no reported community spread in the United States. But that "people should follow everyday measures to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses, such as staying home when sick and washing hands with soap and water."

For the latest on the coronavirus, visit the CDC's website here.