Trauma kits help police, citizens survive

Volunteers assemble trauma kits for police officers. (WTHR Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – On Monday, Eyewitness News told you about the mobile trauma kit that helped a metro police officer survive a shooting over the weekend.

Thanks to a kit in their patrol car, fellow officers were able to put a tourniquet on Officer Eric Rosenbaum's leg immediately after he was wounded by gunfire.

Those kits are essential for officers, especially at active scenes, when it's just not safe yet for medics to go in and start providing care.

The trauma kits have saved several citizens' lives too.

And many times, citizen volunteers are the ones who've assembled them.

According to the Indianapolis FOP, IMPD has about 1,700 trauma kits right now which is about one kit for every officer in Marion County.

Recently, an anonymous donor gave $150,000 to the Central Indiana Police Foundation, to pay for surrounding counties' police departments to get some too.

Volunteers, officers and family members assembled half of them before a Pacers game last month.

The CIPF then trains officers on how to use them.

The kits cost about $100 each.

Eventually, the FOP would like to see these trauma kits used in schools, as well.

If you'd like to help, you can donate and learn more about the program here.

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