Trauma Kit donation to outfit all law enforcement in Boone County

Volunteers assemble trauma kits for police officers. (WTHR Photo)

BOONE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) — Every law enforcement vehicle in Boone County will soon eb outfitted with a trauma kit.

A total of 256 trauma kits are being donated to the departments. The cost for each is around $100. The donation is thanks to the Central Indiana Police Foundation.

"Although the kits were originally designed and put into practice for the benefit of police officers, to date, the kits have been used to save the lives of more civilians than officers. A large private donor made this possible. We are so happy to have a part in saving police officer and civilian lives," said Lisa Rollings, Executive Director of the Central Indiana Police Foundation.

Training sessions for law enforcement in Boone County will take place over the next month or so to make sure everyone is proficient in how to use the trauma kits.

Earlier this month, a trauma kit was used to save the life of Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Eric Rosenbaum. He was shot in the leg during a struggle with a suspected shoplifter and was bleeding heavily. A tourniquet in the kit was used to quickly stop the bleeding until medics could get him to the hospital for treatment.