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Police: Slow down in construction zones

Crashes in construction zones are on the rise across the United States. Central Indiana is no exception.

BOONE COUNTY, Ind — Along a busy stretch of Interstate 65 in Boone County, the speed limit tells drivers to slow down, but Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine says too many people just aren't listening.

"I think people get selfish and they want to get to their destination quicker, or they find themselves familiar enough with the construction zones that they think they can drive a little bit faster," he said.

According to our newsgathering partners at the Lebanon Reporter, investigators say speed played a role in two crashes last Tuesday that shut down parts of I-65 for a total of nine hours.

One was in the construction zone; the other was less than a mile away.

Both caused major backups, even on side streets that became full of cars and trucks trying to get around it all.

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Police in Whitestown told 13News they patrol the area as much as possible, but must also balance that with serving and protecting the rest of the community.

State Police has offered overtime for extra patrols in this area, along with construction zones across Indiana.

Earlier this month, state and local police announced a crackdown on reckless and aggressive driving after an uptick in accidents and complaints.

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U.S. construction zone accidents are on the rise, according to federal statistics. The most common factors include speeding and following too closely.

In an Indiana construction zone, a ticket can cost up to $1,000.

"The speed limit in this particular zone reduces 15 miles an hour and it's about a six-mile zone. And if you do the math, you're probably talking a matter of seconds saving yourself on your commute," Perrine said. "Be safe, slow down, give yourself more following distance and pay attention to the signs."

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