Trafalgar high school employee caught mishandling funds

Photo courtesy Pixabay
Update on Teacher who Mishandled Money
Trafalgar Teacher Accused of Mishandling Money

TRAFALGAR, Ind. (WTHR) — A school music teacher is out of a job after being accused of mishandling school money.

Doug McKinley resigned from Indian Creek High School in Trafalgar earlier this month following an investigation.

School leaders say there were discrepancies with the choir collection money.

The Indiana State Board of Accounts, along with police and the prosecutor's office are now looking into it.

According to SBA, McKinley is accused of taking more than $3,500 from the choir department and more than $1,300 from a concession stand during during plays and musicals.

State investigators are making him pay back all the money he allegedly took, on top of the cost of the investigation. They're seeking a total of $7,600.

So far, McKinley has not been charged in the case.