Town Hall to address school safety, bullying

From school shootings and suicide to bullying and drugs, it can be a scary time to be a student and maybe even scarier for parents. An event tonight will give both the tools they need to survive and thrive.

There is a Town Hall tonight to address a wide range of topics on public safety. While Beech Grove High School is hosting the event, it is open to any parent, guardian, and student throughout the area.

From bullying, suicide, distracted driving, drugs, violence, school shootings, kids have a lot on their minds these days and sometimes they're not always so good at communicating to their parents or a trusted adult some of the issues they're dealing with. Tonight's featured speakers include Ultimate Fighting Champion Chris Lytle, who's also an anti-bullying advocate as well as IndyLights racecar driver, Zach Veach, who's just 19 and has been the victim of bullying. Then, there's Scott Watson, an addictions counselor who's helped people work through these problems. WIBC personalities Chicks on the Right will emcee the event. Both are also mothers who understand the gravity of these topics firsthand.

"Now is a really hard time to be in school and it's also a really hard time to be a parent," said Chicks on the Right. "It's because of social media. a lot of times, kids are too afraid to let their parents know if they're being bullied or harassed in school. So, we're hoping to get some clues from the panel about how to spot those signs of a kid being bullied in school. Also, hoping to get a lot of questions from the audience which we're going to be taking in real time on Twitter."

Tonight's event starts at 7 p.m. in Beech Grove High School's Mike McMurrow Auditorium.

The event is free, as well as parking. The event is open to every parent and student no matter where you live.