Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach

Investigators served a search warrant at Park Tudor School last month.
Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach
Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach
Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach
Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach
Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach
Timeline of criminal complaint against Kyle Cox, former Park Tudor coach

All information from the federal complaint filed against Kyle Cox and unsealed on February 4, 2015. Read the complaint here.

September 2015 – Student says Cox began texting her in September, while he was her teacher.  In January, she told investigators that he “coaxed” her into sending increasingly explicit pictures.

October 7 –  First text message reference of a request by Cox for a sexual image of the student, according to forensic investigators reviewing phones and computers.

October 22 – During a January interview, the student told investigators that as far back as October 22, Cox planned a sexual encounter for December 19, when his wife planned to be out of town.

October 23 - Investigators believe Cox received at least one image of the victim’s “genital or pubic area” because of the content of a stream of text communications on this date.

October 24 – Cox and the student had a text message conversation about specific plans to “engage in sexual activities.”

November 12 – Based on text messages from this date, investigators believe Cox received an image of the student “engaging in sexually explicit conduct.”  Investigators say he also references images/videos sent earlier than the 12th.

November 16 – Based on text communications from this date, prosecutors say they believe Cox received a series of “lascivious images” of victim.  Some of those images may have been part of a video that forensic investigators recovered.

November 28 – Student agreed to send Cox images of bras she just purchased.  In messages, Cox referenced the December plan to meet for a sexual encounter and told her he wanted to take images of the activity.

November 28 – Later that day, the student’s father looked at her phone and found images and videos of male and female genital areas. Father says he deleted those images when the student told him the images were of herself and another minor.  

December 11 – Student sent Cox a video of herself engaging in “sexually explicit conduct.”

December 12 – Cox sent a message trying to convince the student to meet him for “sexual activity” at the school after a basketball game.

December 12 – Father found a thread of conversation from Dec 3 through Dec 12 and used information to identify the sender as Park Tudor coach, Kyle Cox.  Student admitted the relationship to her father and said she and Cox planned to meet for a sexual encounter on December 19.

December 14 or 15 – In January, the student told investigators that on one of these days, she communicated with Cox after her parents and PT learned of the relationship.  She says Cox told her that she “needed to lie about their relationship if she wanted Cox to stay at Park Tudor.”  She says Cox told he that she needed to make sure he did not go to jail.

December 14 – Student’s father contacted PT and met with the Head of School and school attorney.  He provided hard copies of some messages and left his computer overnight for them to see screenshots from his daughter’s phone.

December 15 – School employee reported to investigators Cox was terminated on this day. The federal complaint says both sides signed a confidentiality agreement that states Cox resigned his employment.

December 15 – PT administrator notified the IN Dept of Child Services that a former employee of the school, Cox, sent inappropriate text messages to a student.  According to the federal complaint, “The reporter also claimed not to know if pictures were exchanged between Cox and the student.”  The notification to the state is done with a “310 Report” form.

December 15 – The federal complaint says, “the school permitted Cox to take a school computer off of school property [to] remove ‘personal’ files from it.  Cox returned the computer the next day.”

December 16 – Father’s laptop returned to him.  He noted that when he turned on the computer he received a message about a USB device was improperly removed. (WTHR Note: It is unclear whether the laptop was returned December 15 or 16. The father said he received it the day after his meeting, which would be December 15.  In a different interview, the attorney says he returned the computer December 16.)

December 16 – Cox exchanged text messages with a male student about the situation and its fallout saying he could “get any job in the state.”  Investigators say he also wrote “I would turn my head if you messed her up.”  Investigators say they believe it was a reference to hurting the female victim.

December 17 – Cox texted the male student telling him to ask the female victim “if it’s making her feel better to slander me.”

December 22 – A counselor not employed by the school filed a 310 report with DCS that mentioned Cox and the student exchanged sexually explicit images and videos.

January 4 – DCS officials arranged to meet with the student, her parents and an IMPD detective.  The father spoke with DCS officials and asked to delay his daughter’s interview because she was in counseling.  The federal complaint reads, “Father stated that Park Tudor had all of the information related to the investigation.”

January 5 – IMPD detective met with the administrator who filed the original 310 report.  The reporter said she did not have any independent information and that she related information provided by the school’s attorney.

January 5 – IMPD detective contacted the attorney for Park Tudor, “who advised that he was unable to help because of what he said were privileged communications and would not provide further information,” according to federal prosecutors.

The complaint says the detective tried to determine who had the text messages and information, and that the attorney said the school and its representatives had the computer for only a short time.

January 7 – Detectives served search warrants at Cox’s home and Park Tudor High School.  Officers confiscated a cell phone from Cox.

The school’s attorney arrived during the search there and ultimately disclosed that he had copies of the texts and pictures.  He turned over the thumb drive with the images and told investigators the laptop was returned to the father December 16.

January 7 – Investigators visited the student’s home and got her cell phone and the laptop with the screen shots of evidence.  Those items were turned over to forensic investigators.

January 11 – Investigators met with the student who detailed how the relationship with Cox unfolded.

January 13 – IMPD detective interviewed a cooperating witness who was a minor.  The witness reported seeing messages from Cox to the student telling her to lie about their relationship.

February 4 – Cox arrested and charged with one count of “coercion and enticement.”  Cox made an initial appearance in federal court.