Thursday at 11pm: Transgender Girl

"T-R-A-N-S" in sign language

There’s a saying that parents are only as happy as their unhappiest child. A Fishers couple told our Anne Marie Tiernon they watched helplessly as one of their children become increasingly sad.  There was extreme separation anxiety and daily battles over what clothes to wear to school.

"The only thing she would say was 'no’ when we would try to force her to put her clothes on and she would really blow up. She'd be really, really agitated," her dad told Tiernon.

That was just the beginning.  There was a time it appeared she may hurt herself. Gradually, these parents started to see what their child was showing them. Her self-identity. It took time, but now they fully embrace that their son is a beautiful girl.

As you can imagine, that acceptance is just the start.  Thursday night at 11 pm, meet ten-year-old Dominice.  See the obstacles this young central Indiana child faces as she moves forward.