Three children among five shot Sunday on Indianapolis northwest side

(WTHR photo)
Someone using an assault rifle fired inside an apartment unit Sunday night, injuring five people including three small children.

Investigators are trying to find the suspects responsible. It happened around 9:30 Sunday near 59th and Georgetown Road, in the 5000 block of Wildflower Court. The youngest victims are boys, ages six, four and two.

In daylight, some of the damage is visible. Bullet holes on the outside of the apartment were caused when a high-powered assault rifle was used inside the apartment.

"It's a concern to us that an individual would use that type of weaponry in such confined area such as an apartment," said Lt. Richard Riddle, Indianapolis Metro Police.

In all, five people were shot. "That just shows you the mentality of certain individuals within the community that are willing to target women and children recklessly," added Lt. Riddle.

Family members say all three children are in stable condition. The children are all brothers sharing the same father, but different mothers.

"I was devastated and hurt beyond words. This is something I wouldn't wish on nobody's family, on nobody's kids. I don't understand why these people out here killing these children. They got nothing to do with nothing. It's just hurtful, hurtful," said Willie Taylor, a family friend.

Taylor said the four-year-old underwent surgery to have a bullet removed from his neck. He also said the six-year-old had wounds to his arm and leg, while the two-year-old was injured in the arm and kneecaps. The children are being treated at Riley Hospital for Children.

The two women, a 25-year-old woman and her mother (who is the mother and grandmother of one of the boys), were taken the Methodist Hospital. The older woman was in stable condition. The younger woman was undergoing extensive surgery for multiple gunshots to the stomach.

It all started Sunday night when a witness told police three men walked into the home and fired multiple shots. Police say they drove away in a silver or white car. Other than that, police are working to gather more information while the victims' family agonizes over the whole situation.

Indianapolis Metro Police Chief Rick Hite tells us they do not believe this is a random act and say they believe the women knew their attackers. The children's father was taken in by police for questioning. There is still no word on a motive. There was no sign of forced entry.

Taylor, meantime, implored the shooter to surrender.  "Turn yourself in. Let justice prevail. Just turn yourself in," he said.

Police say if you have any information that could be helpful, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS. You can remain anonymous. They don't need your name, only the information.

(Note: A previous version of this story referred to the youngest child as one year old. We have since confirmed he is two years old.)