Thousands take to Carmel streets for Marathon

Runners at the Carmel Marathon (WTHR, Anna Carrera)

Carmel (WTHR) - Upwards of 4,500 people hit the streets for the 7th annual Carmel Marathon. Some of them were there for the first time. Others were seasoned veterans.

“I never thought I’d run a mile, to tell you the truth,” said Janice Martin, who was running her 100th half marathon. “It’s really been an amazing feat. It’s proved I could achieve things beyond my wildest dreams.”

Many of the runners had an extra goal aside from just finishing. James Leitener set a goal to run a marathon a month for an entire year while carrying 45 pounds of water. He’s raising money for people who don’t have clean drinking water.

“It's something I'm always thinking about,” said Leitener. “Just hoping people use the water and then think about where it's coming from as well.”

One mother, Lisa Harpenau, ran the 5K while pushing her twin children in a stroller.

“This is one of the first family outings we've had since we had twins, so it's a good experience for us,” said Harpenau. “We thought we were going to walk it, but we ended up running about half of it.”

Runners told us they were a little concerned about the weather, but they were glad it wasn’t too cold and they didn’t get rained on. They say it was a great way to start the weekend.

Participants came from 39 states and five countries to compete in one of the four races. Along with all those runners, there were about 500 volunteers who helped the race run smoothly.

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