Thousands still in the dark after weekend wind

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INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) — Thousands of people are still in the dark after several power outages due to Sunday’s strong winds.

In one neighborhood near Southport Road and US-31, families have been without power since about 2:30 p.m. Sunday. One woman said it was 50 degrees inside a home in the neighborhood. We could also hear what sounded like generators working in the area.

IPL crews have been out around the clock since the outages started. Their crews start with outages that affect the most people first, then work their way to the smaller outages from there.

Outage numbers have gone up and down through the last 24 hours, as crews work to restore power and more outages are reported from the windy conditions that continued through the day Sunday.

Crews have been working around neighborhoods trying to find the source of outages. That may be why residents see crews leave the area before lights are back on. The source of that power may be away from where the crew is working.

IPL said on Twitter that they can't tell people exactly when power will be back on until they can find the cause of the issue.

The location of the outage source also dictates why a neighbor may have power but you don't. The power could be coming from different circuits, and one of them may be functioning fine while the other needs repairs.

Duke Energy customers can sign up for text alerts. They'll let you know if power goes out at your home, as well as when they hope to have it back.

Some residents have experienced momentary outages on these windy days, when fuses and circuit breakers cut power for less than a second. Momentary outages keep extended outages from happening when something like a tree branch could hit a power line.

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