Thieves hit Greenwood cell phone store in latest string of robberies


JOHNSON COUNTY, Ind. (WTHR) – Another cell phone store has been hit by thieves.

Their latest target was the AT&T in Greenwood and police are now looking at surveillance video.

In the video, the robbers ordered the employees to the floor and then stole several phones from the inventory room.

These types of robberies have been on the rise across the Indianapolis metro area.

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That's why police want you to know what to do in case get caught in the middle.

"Just comply with what they're asking," said Sgt. Jay Arnold with Greenwood police. "That's the best thing we can tell you to do, so you're safe. Just comply with them. As soon as they're done, they're going to be out of the way and, if you comply, no harm will come."

In Indianapolis, police have arrested three men in connection to at least one cell phone store robbery.

And now they're checking to see if they're responsible for any others.