Thief attacks woman in her east side driveway


INDIANAPOLIS - A routine trip home from the grocery ended with a fight for an east side woman's life.

"I thought ‘I'm dying now, I'm going to die here,’" the woman said.

It happened in her driveway just before noon on Sunday.

She asked that we not share her name.

She's posted her experience online so others will know what to watch for.

"He said ‘can I come in and wash my hands’ and he showed me his hands. He said he'd gotten something sticky on them and wanted to go visit his grandmother so he wanted to wash his hands."

The stranger, dressed all in black, had just driven behind the woman into her driveway.

In conversation, he claimed he thought her house was for sale.

She knew not to let him in.

"And I said 'no' again, more forcefully, and he continued to beg," she said.

Then he got in his car and started to leave. When she started unloading her groceries, he came back.

"Finally I said ‘I'm calling the police’ and I turned my back to him, walked to my car, reached over in my car to get my phone and at that point he attacked me from the back."

That's when she thought she was about to die. The man had her pinned against the steering wheel of her car, his forearm against her throat, blocking her windpipe. She says it was clear to her this man knew how to choke someone.

He then banged her head on the pavement and she lost consciousness.

He took her valuables and took off. She regained consciousness.

At the ER, she learned she had a concussion and bruises.

"Do not ever turn your back on a stranger. But even before that, in my case when he pulled in and followed me I should have come in the house and called 911."

She hopes we all remember that advice.

She described the man was dressed all in black, 20 to 40 years old, a slim build and all gold teeth.

And she pointed out one one strange thing. During the attack, she believes her shoes were knocked off. When she regained consciousness, she found them neatly placed on the passenger seat of her car. She doesn't know how that happened.

If you have any information, call Crime Stoppers at 317.262.TIPS.

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