The tea fields of Jeju island

Jeju island is known for making green tea. Photo: Steve Rhodes

JEJU, South Korea (WTHR) — Jeju Island offers stunning beauty, like beaches, and underground lava tubes inside a volcano. But there is something else growing popularity here. In the foothills of Halla mountain, the breathtaking scenery includes tea fields.

"Jeju has a very good natural condition for green tea. They need good water, mild weather and clean air. Jeju has these three conditions," said a Jeju resident.

While coffee may be king in the Olympic host country, more Koreans are drinking green tea.

"Koreans are health conscious. We like healthy food. Green tea is very healthy," said another Jeju resident.

The leaves are used to create green tea ice cream, makeup and other products.

"They also use green tea for baking. Things like green tea cookies, noodles and green tea bread," said third Jeju resident.

On this family tea farm, the fields have been turned into a maze. Inside this café, the walls are covered with notes, written by people who have stopped in for green tea.

"After customers make a note, they'll come back to our tea farm to see if the note is still there. If the note is still here, they are happy. it's like a memory of their visit to Jeju," said a Jeju resident.

For those planning a trip to this island, a trip to the beach or the lava tubes is a must. But there is also a place to escape the crowds, and relax with the island's most popular beverage.

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