The Singing Cabbie gives more than just a lift

Aiden Kent, known as the "Singing Cabbie" in London, provides an entire experience for his fares. (WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)

LONDON (WTHR) - Some cabbies turn on the radio or even their own iPod to provide some entertainment during your ride. One driver we came across in London while covering the royal wedding, though, provides his own entertainment.

Aiden Kent, or the "Singing Cabbie" as he's known, croons old time hits himself while dressed in a full tux and offering his riders a drink from a bottle of champagne.

He's not just another attraction for tourists. He has a green badge, which means he's undergone a thorough exam and is certified to pick up fares anywhere in central London and the surrounding burroughs.

Aiden Kent and WTHR's Chuck Lofton pose next to Kent's cab in England (WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)
Kent is known as the "Singing Cabbie" (WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)
Even the seats inside his cab are more lively than your average cab. (WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)
(WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)
He's even decorated the ceiling of the cab with lights that change color. (WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)
Kent talks about his operation with WTHR photographer Steve Rodes (WTHR Photo/Chuck Lofton)
(WTHR Photo/Steve Rhodes)

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