The missing Beech Grove python has a Twitter account

Benny Tarplee's Burmese Python "Vine" went missing in the Beech Grove area.

BEECH GROVE, Ind. (WTHR) — When a snake goes missing in 2018 and everyone's talking about it, what's the next step? Said missing snake makes a Twitter account, obviously.

Introducing, the birth of @BchGrovePython.

Yes, it's a 14-foot python named Vine, who escaped from her owner's home, but as it turns out, (at least according to the Twitter account) she's a lot like us.

She misses her owner.

She loves WTHR's resident Silver Fox, Scott Swan.

She loves brunch.

She's trying to work on her slim summer body AND pay homage to Indy favorite Pat McAfee.

She's pumped for the 102nd Indianapolis 500.

Potholes are slowing her down.

She's not great at online dating.

She just wants to be understood. And she loves Harry Potter.

But if you're still scared of her, your best bet may be going to the Beech Grove Walmart. Yes, that Walmart. She's keeping her distance.

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