The internet can't stop laughing at this family's photo shoot


A family photo session is going viral for an unbelievably poor retouching job.

Pam Zaring posted six photos from the photo shoot, which the photographer said needed touched up due to bad shadows (though Pam recalls the day of the shoot as being bright and sunny). The photographer, who was paid $250 for the session, told Zaring "her professor never taught her to retouch photos."

The outcome speaks for itself.

"I literally have not laughed this hard in years," Zaring wrote on the Facebook post, which was shared nearly 85,000 times in four hours Friday evening.

Zaring has answered numerous comments on the post, insisting the photos are real. And while the family didn't get their money back, the photographer did agree to send the original files (after admitting the family looked "like cartoon characters") to Zaring.

"She offered another shoot for us, but we are good," Zaring wrote.

Several photographers have offered to reshoot or at least retouch the existing photos, though Zaring told one the family doesn't get together often.

Next up, Zaring says she hopes Ellen DeGeneres sees the photos, which she has already put into photo books for her family to share.

"This is the most expensive comedy I've ever paid for!"

One positive from the experience, the family dogs came away looking happy and normal in the photos.

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