Texas father dies after protecting daughter from boyfriend


AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) – An Austin father died Thursday after trying to protect his daughter from her boyfriend, according to Austin police.

The father, Eric Garcia confronted the daughter's boyfriend, Jaime Apodaca, in their home on March 23 after Apodaca had yelled at the daughter, called her derogatory names and accused her of cheating, according to court documents. Apodaca then punched Garcia and his daughter.

Jaime Apodaca. (Photo: Austin Police Department)

Apodaca had been dating Garcia's daughter for about a month and was staying with the family for about 10 days.

The fight continued outside their home and Garcia was taken to the hospital with a skull fracture, inter-cranial trauma and a herniated brain.

"He tried to split up a fight. He was such a quiet, nice, humble person, you know. He didn't really deserve what happened to him," Garcia's friend Rock Schouman told KXAN earlier this week.

Schouman set up fundraisers for the family on Facebook and GoFundMe.

Apodaca faces aggravated assault, assault and evading arrest charges.

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