'Terrorism' misspelled on bench at Indiana war memorial

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Bench misspelling to be corrected
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Memorial spelling error to be corrected

COLUMBIA CITY, Ind. (AP) - The designer of a Vietnam War memorial in northern Indiana says a misspelling on a bench seems to be getting too much attention.

The memorial was put in place Tuesday outside the Whitley County courthouse in Columbia City. The word "terrorism" was misspelled on a nearby bench.

Memorial designer Ty Murphy put tape over the errant "i." He tells TV station WANE it's a "pretty small thing to worry about" but phones have been ringing "off the hook."

Murphy says many people overlooked the mistake, including the Muncie company that made the stone bench. The mistake will be fixed or the bench will be replaced.

Eyewitness News has confirmed Wearly Monuments in Muncie will replace the bench Wednesday.

Information from WANE-TV

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