Ten Point Coalition targets crime at two north Indianapolis gas stations


INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) - Two north Indianapolis gas stations are coming under fire by the Ten Point Coalition. One of the spots the Ten Point is concerned about is in the line of sight of police all the time. That's because there is a Metro Police camera at the intersection outside the business.

Although Ten Point Coalition leader Rev. Charles Harrison didn't have any hard data to back up his claim, he doesn't believe the camera has had much impact deterring people in the area bent on doing crime.

But a weekend shooting is what sparked the Ten Point to speak up, because members of the community organization are concerned about everyone's safety.

"It is a public safety issue that needs to be addressed," said Harrison.

The Ten Point Coalition leader wants the owners of the two north side gas stations to make their businesses safer. One is the Shell gas station at W. 38th Street and N. Capitol Avenue and the other is the BP gas station, which also contains a McDonald's restaurant, at 38th and Illinois streets.

Harrison suspects a shooting at the BP stemmed from drug activity. Metro Police are looking for three people after a man suffered a gunshot wound in the stomach.

Harrison also wants the BP to stop selling items like a pipe and Brillo pad he showed us along with the receipt - easy to get drug paraphernalia. Unfortunately, this is not the first time the group has seen violence in this area. They believe their neighborhood patrols in Butler Tarkington, north of 38th Street and in Crown Hill, south of 38th Street, have helped cut down on the violence in the 46208 zip code.

"We had a shooting yesterday at the McDonald's and then last year we had someone shot and killed at the Shell Station at 38th and Capitol," said Harrison.

The Shell gas station shooting happened July 6, 2017.

Harrison tweeted from Sunday's crime scene, saying "we must put pressure on the owners of the BP & McDonald's to provide 24 hour security."

He is convinced adding security at the gas stations will help put the drug dealers out of business based on what he's seen happen inside the McDonald's connected to the gas station.

"They are literally going inside and sitting at a table and selling drugs, literally, inside," said Harrison.

The nearby CVS Pharmacy has off-duty police working security. Community Spirits hired a security guard to keep criminal activity away. Harrison believes the gas station owners should want to the same.

"We want to make sure it is safe and to stop loitering and the drug addicts from hanging around, which makes it unsafe for everyone," said Harrison, "I have taken my kids in there to sit down and eat. It's just not the kind of activity that should be happening at a McDonald's anywhere."

Harrison also has the support of IMPD, which is also concerned about the crime in this area. North District Commander Josh Barker has reached out to Harrison personally and thanked him for his concern and bringing awareness to the issue. Commander Barker also plans to attend the Butler Tarkington Neighborhood Association meeting to get feedback from residents in the area who frequent the gas stations for service.

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