Teens shot outside birthday party


A Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party turned sour after someone started shooting in a crowd of 200 teenagers. It happened in the 1900 block of 46th St. on the city's near north side.

Janayla Collins and her friends aren't surprised by anything when it comes to violence involving young people in their neighborhood.

"Do you guys hear gunfire around here a lot," asked Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline.

"Yes. I live just up the street and I hear gunfire at least three days out of the week," said Collins.

Overnight, the girls encountered another chaotic scene when they decided to take a late night walk to the grocery store.

"We were walking down the street and we seen a lot of activity, sirens, colors, police cars--the works. I thought to myself, that's typical so I just ignored it," said Collins.

According to the police report, an officer responded to a shots fired call here in the 1900 block of 46th St. Around 1am. When he arrived, he heard more shots and saw a crowd of nearly 200 juveniles scatter. But, four people suffered gunshot wounds--at least two of them minor.

We talked to one of those victims who was shot. He suffered a minor wound to his leg. But, what a turn of events for him--He said yesterday morning around 11, he graduated from high school and just over 12 hours later, he got shot here at his friend's birthday party.

That victim told us it was a Sweet 16 party with a very open invitation.

"I plan on doing big things with my future. I gotta get away from the hood," said TJ Moore, a neighbor.

Moore lives just down the street from where the party took place. He also just attended his graduation ceremony on Saturday. He's worried about his community and his own future--fearing the worst for both.

"The hood is where everything starts. When you sit still and blend in with the hood. That's when everything goes bad," said Moore.

In the meantime, police are trying to figure out what went bad here and who started it.