Teenagers share extra ticket to Red Sox game with homeless fan

Fenway Park (Shutterstock.com)

BOSTON (WTHR) - Armed with an extra ticket to a Boston Red Sox game, three teenagers reached out to an unsuspecting fan.

According to NBC Boston, Pedro Lugo, Sean Wetzonis and Francisco Rios were walking to Fenway Park for the game when they spotted a homeless man named John, who was holding a sign asking for a drink that said "Go Sox" in one hand and a cup asking for change in the other.

The boys told the man they could give him money, but they had something else in mind. When they told him they had a spare ticket for the game, John told them he'd go and pocketed his change and dropped the cup behind.

Rios said he sat next to John, who got a beer and sat down to enjoy the game.

"I was sitting next to him asking him how he was feeling, and he really liked it. It was a lot of music. He was just vibing to it. He was quiet but he was just doing his thing," Rios said.

John's favorite part of the game, the teens said, was singing "Sweet Caroline" with the rest of the crowd, a Fenway Park tradition.

"A lot of these homeless people are just overlooked," Wetzonis said. "People just think of them as trash and are forgotten about in society. It's just nice to see that a little thing as a ticket that was going to go to waste from us that ended up going to him just made the biggest difference in his day."