Teen shot at Muncie house party dies

Seven people were shot at this home in Muncie early Saturday. (WTHR photo)

MUNCIE, Ind. (WTHR) — A 17-year-old shot at a home in Muncie early Saturday has died of his injuries.

Delaware County Coroner Rick Howell confirmed to Eyewitness News Daymarr Kennedy died Monday morning. He was one of seven people shot at the party on West Euclid Avenue, just blocks from the Ball State campus.

Three of the victims were critically injured. Kennedy was one of them. The other victims were treated and released at local hospitals.

Police arrested 19-year-old Va Shaun Harnett, who was preliminarily charged with two counts of attempted murder. Muncie Police Chief Joe Winkle said investigators will meet with the Delaware County prosecutor Tuesday. One of the attempted murder charges against Harnett will likely become a murder charge after Kennedy's death.

Investigators are waiting to see what happens to the two other victims who were critically wounded in the shooting. Both remain hospitalized.

"It's a shame, 17 years old," said Winkle of the shooting victim.

His whole life ahead of him, Kennedy passed away Monday morning after fighting for his life for two days.

"My youngest son, who's a firefighter, was at the scene that night, holding his hand and talking about how scared he was and he was too young to die and now to know he's passed, is really sad," said Winkle.

Investigators say it was all part of an ongoing confrontation between some guests, including the shooting suspect.

"They happened to run into each other that night. We're still trying to piece together exactly what led to the actual shooting," said Winkle.

"That's crazy. That's just so unfortunate," said neighbor Cassie Amman.

Amman lives across the street from where the shooting happened. She heard the shots and saw people running.

"They were like shouting and running through our yard to get away," Amman explained.

The suspect's mom said she believes her son wasn't the only person there with a gun that night.

"How can he be the only shooter when there were seven people shot?" asked Leank Harnett.

"If there was more than one shooter, we just haven’t gotten any witnesses and/or evidence to verify that," said Winkle, who added that could always change with the continuing investigation.

Investigators were able to talk with one of the other critically injured victims Sunday. The other victim has not been able to give police any information because of his condition.

Investigators are hoping they get a chance to talk to him, too.

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