Teen says hot wings and need for a bathroom led to speeding ticket

(Shutterstock/KJ Kohs)

MANITOBA, Canada (WTHR) - A teenager in Canada told police he was trying to heed nature's call when he got busted for speeding.

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Manitoba, the 16-year-old was clocked driving 170 kilometers per hour (about 105 mph), which was 70 kph (43 mph) over the speed limit.

His excuse?

"Too many hot wings & needed a bathroom," police tweeted.

As if the $966 fine for speeding (about $727 in U.S. dollars) wasn't enough, the mountie tacked on $203 more ($152 U.S.) for not having a supervised driver in the car.

"Absolutely no excuses for that kind of speed," police said.

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